Mila Renault

Mila Renault is a joyful Brazilian artist based in Hamilton with her family since 2017.  Mila has been practising art on and off since childhood and received formal education in watercolour and classical drawing in her later teens. She taught watercolour at University whilst studying Architecture and Urban Design.

Mila’s architectural background has influenced her watercolours and she has a great eye for composition and perspective. Watercolour is a fascintating medium that can capture the mood and atmosphere of a scene through energetic line work and the use of bold colours.

As a representational artist, Mila is not concerned about capturing realism. She rather strives to create a feeling as she looks to find beauty in the unexpected ugly side of cities and the transformation it continually undergoes due to construction and development. A mosaic of new cultures brought in by migrants are changing the face of New Zealand as we know it and these changes are more so visible in our cities.

In contrast to the cityscapes Mila is in awe of New Zealand’s natural beauty. Sacred volcanoes, rivers, the West Coast and its dramatic scenery and the colours of the East Coast, it’s endless beaches, a fascinating and soulful source of inspiration for the artist.