Narelle Huggins

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Australian born artist Narelle Huggins has been calling the Waikato home since 2015. Having lived in various parts of Victoria and outback Western Australia, the contrast of landscapes and her surroundings is what most inspires the artists’ work.

With an endeavour to discover what makes a place unique, her paintings draw out a ‘sentimental connection to place’. Trained as an architect and working in this profession for 13 years before picking up a palette knife, Narelle is largely a self-taught painter.

Her architectural background informs her work in the way buildings are depicted in two dimensions within the landscape. This naive ‘elevation’ representation is also symbolic of the sometimes impermanence of the built form. Her ultimate inspiration for expression however, is the natural landscape. This celebration of the landscape is articulated through her use of contrasting colours to create visual emotion, often expressing as joy!