Shirley Cresswell

Waikato artist Shirley Cresswell has carved out a name for herself as one of New Zealand’s top Seascape artists. With a huge following throughout New Zealand and abroad, Shirley is kept very busy with paintbrush in hand and camera in the other. Finding that perfect spot to paint sees her and husband Graeme travelling frequently to photograph New Zealand’s coastline.

“Our beautiful beaches inspire many of my paintings. To feel like you can walk into a painting, feel the sand, the light breeze and see the waves crashing in. I like to think that the painting is like looking out the window at somewhere you would love to be. It hopefully makes people remember special days they have had enjoying the beach with their families”.

Shirley’s paintings are sought after by art collectors in New Zealand and internationally. With paintings in private collections in United States of America, Canada, England, Europe and Australia.